Our Services

Your home should welcome you in and we can help make that happen. We use the 7 elements of design to transform your home using space, lines, forms, lighting, color, texture and pattern. The look is then made complete in the detail. We are excited to layer your room from floor to ceiling for a luxurious feel.

Our services include remodeling design as well as decorating. We will start with a free design consultation phone call to learn more about your space and project, then will come to your home for an in-home design consultation with a proposed design board. We will then help you execute the design plan based on the service you request. See below for a full outline of the different types of services we can provide to work with your plan, schedule and vision. We work on residential, hospitality and commercial spaces.


We leave no stone unturned with our full custom design service. Whether you are looking to remodel or simply decorate or both, we can work with a space of any size!

  • Free phone consultation to discuss the space, project and budget

  • In-home design consultation to measure the space, plan and discuss how to bring your vision to life

  • A design board with a full comprehensive design plan

  • We will find and partner with top-rated local contractors (or the contractor of your choice) as needed for remodeling, plumbing, electrical, painting, installation

  • We will select the best options for your space, including cabinets, counter tops, fixtures, lighting, building materials, trim, and more

  • Shopping services to hand-select each piece that will comprise your space

  • Set-up and installation of decor

  • We can adjust the design along the way as we work through the space

Note we can only provide full custom design services in the Texas Hill Country area.

Custom design boards

If you are looking for a more self-service option, or live outside our Texas Hill Country service area, the custom design board is the option for you!

  • Free phone consultation to discuss the space, project, budget and your style

  • Once you provide the measurements and photos of your space, we will create custom design board for your space. This design board will include a full design plan with guidance on what to purchase, where to purchase and how to install on your own

  • From there, the design is yours to execute as you’d like